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Preserve your Intellectual Capital with a Cinematic Memoir

Of all the treasures we collect, the greatest are the lessons and values that have shaped our lives.

These priceless lessons have taken a lifetime to learn. Will they die with us? Or will they live on?

This is the chance to tell your story,
your true life legacy.


Having your own Legacy video produced will insure your life’s work, and dedication to you family will be enjoyed for future generations.

Orpan Legacy will create a biographical-documentary film in which you are the star,
And your life is the story.




First, we get to know you by meeting you and completing an in depth research. This includes collecting all relevant images, videos, letters, documentations and other materials that

will help illustrate your story.

These ingredients are then scripted into

a sharp and coherent cinematic narrative.

Next, we film, interview, edit, and add music,

color, illustrations, and more to bring it all to life.

The end result is your own biographical-documentary film. For your convince we store it, alongside with all raw materials, in a personal designated

cloud for long lasting usage, easily accessed by you and your family as part of your heritage. 


Behind every good creation and experience stands a dreamer. Our team is filled with people who dream big and make them come true. Our talented and devoted creative, design, project management and production teams all come together to provide a holistic solution for every kind of experience.

Orpan Legacy is a subsidiary of Orpan Group –
a worldwide leading company specializing in conceiving, designing and delivering museums, visitor centers & tourist attractions.
With our clients vision always in mind, we make sure to bring it to life, exceeding their expectations and most importantly, always with a smile because it's all about the people.

Shahar Ziv

Shahar's passion for film has shaped his life. From a young age, As a director he has had an intrinsic drive to know the story.  has conducted  hundreds of interviews, for over 100 completed films across the globe.

 Shahar prides himself on making the storytelling process fun and engaging. Connecting families through his documentaries is not just a job, it is his purpose in life. He has an uncanny ability to fit in with his surroundings and ask the questions that make people want to share their stories.

Yaron Meiri

Yaron, the owner and creative master mind of Orpan Group, runs the show on a day to day basis. Although his formal education is in the fields of Middle East studies, Arab literature and history (PhD studies), his first love is the performing arts and the world of music. The unique blend of these two worlds is expressed everyday with bursting creativity.
As a master storyteller, inventor and artistic director, Yaron has been a leader in the field of audience centric experiences for the last two decades with an emphasis on music, writing, Repertory Theater, choreography, filming, directing and educating new generations of talents. Furthermore, Yaron is a worldwide artistic manager & advisor for companies like Coca-Cola, Ferrari, as well as mass entertainment productions, musicals in Germany & Italy, commercials, show reels, musical manager for various groups and albums etc.
Like any complete symphony, Yaron conducts a creative and diverse team in order to create a harmonic piece, whether it is a museum, visitor's center, attraction, exhibition, film or show.
In Yaron's words: "The only way to fulfill your dream is to wake up"



Maskit 27 st, (corner of Sapir parking lot)
Hertzliya, Israel  | |
 Tel: +972-54-799-9550


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